The third Expat Expo Tokyo is taking place on Nov. 25 (Fri.) and 26 (Sat.) at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center’s Hamamatsucho-Kan. All international residents are welcome as there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re a recent arrival or a seasoned resident, Expat Expo Tokyo 2022 is packed with helpful information and services for helping people make the most of their lives here. Attendees can try traditional Japanese pastimes, sample cuisine from various cultures, get practical advice for daily living and enjoy live entertainment — it’s all happening at the expo. Family and friends can come along for what is sure to be a fun-filled experience. The event is free and all information will be available in English.

Tokyo’s growing appeal

Tokyo is both a bustling global business center and a vibrant, highly livable city where the number of international residents continues to rise. The city is well-known for its safety, quality of life and first-class infrastructure. It also has an ideal ecosystem for supporting global families and individuals, with international schools and multilingual health care services. Moreover, Tokyo is rapidly establishing 5G network availability, putting cutting-edge communication technology within reach of everyone.

There is a growing awareness among Japanese firms of the importance of connecting with international residents and meeting their specific needs. At the same time, companies are recognizing the valuable skills and perspectives that global talent brings to the table.

Against this background, the Expat Expo serves as a way for the international community and Japanese firms to come together to form mutually beneficial connections. The second International Job Fair Tokyo will run concurrently with the expo, providing opportunities for people considering their next career move, as well as international students seeking employment opportunities after graduation.

Helpful resources

A wide range of companies and groups will be exhibiting products and services of interest to international residents at the Expat Expo. These include international schools and day care facilities, housing and real estate firms, health care providers and groups promoting disaster awareness. The Minato International Association will also provide a free consultation service, offering a valuable opportunity for foreign nationals in attendance.

There’s plenty on offer for both youngsters and the young at heart. People can join the family-friendly Japan Trivia Quiz on Saturday for a chance to win a great prize. Children and adults alike will enjoy trying Japanese festival games, calligraphy or dressing up in kimonos. Workshops will also be held throughout both days on a wide range of topics, from practical information on buying real estate in Japan to dynamic displays of ninja and samurai skills.

Japan is a traveler’s paradise with destinations and activities to suit every taste, and the expo will feature information on tourism to help people plan their next Japanese adventure. Regional tourism associations and travel specialists will be on hand to answer questions and distribute materials, and special travel promotions and gifts will also be available for attendees.

Sharing cultures

The expo organizers appreciate the kind support provided by the numerous embassies in Japan, some of which will be offering attendees the chance to try authentic dishes from their countries through the World Food Fair. Embassies from the following countries are slated to participate: Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Botswana, Liberia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Bolivia, Ecuador, Lebanon and Poland. There will also be additional cultural workshops by some of the embassies during the expo, along with a national costume parade.

Naturally, delicious Japanese food and liquor will also be on offer, as well as high-quality Japanese gifts and housewares.

On Nov. 26 the expo will feature the International Flea Market to promote recycling of goods, and members of the international community are invited to participate as sellers. Registration is free of charge, but space is limited and certain conditions apply. Those interested should visit the event website for more information. There will be an opportunity to sell any leftover goods directly to Book Off Corp. at the expo.

Career opportunities

The second International Job Fair Tokyo will take place at the same location as the Expat Expo. Seminars and information sessions for both foreign nationals and companies will be held throughout the two days.

A wide range of companies, recruiting agencies, universities, training institutes and nonprofit organizations will be on hand to provide networking opportunities and advice about employment opportunities. Career-related presentations are also scheduled on both days of the expo, including information on Japanese business culture, interviewing techniques and industry-specific information.

Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure a smoother experience at the expo. Registration for either the Expat Expo or the International Job Fair allows participation in both free of charge. The venue is the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center’s Hamamatsucho-Kan, an exhibition and convention center in the Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba building, which is a five-minute walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station.

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