Rs 6.20 lakh gift to parents who leave Tokyo..!? Why..?

The Japanese government has announced that 10 lakh yen (US$ 7,600, INR 6.20 lakh) will be given to each child whose parents leave Tokyo. The Japanese government has announced. Japan’s government is encouraging people to move to rural areas, where births have fallen dramatically since the coronavirus pandemic, as there is not enough population to drive the economy. It is noteworthy that 3.80 crore people live here. The Japanese government had a scheme in which each child whose parents leave tokyo and settled in the suburbs or villages will receive 3 lakh yen. But after it was not well received, it has been raised to 10 lakh yen. According to this, the people in the suburbs or immigrants can start a new business with this money, this money is not a loan, it is given free of cost. By 2021, only 2,400 people had moved from tokyo to rural areas under the scheme, which is 0.006 percent of Tokyo’s population.
Why does japan offer financial aid?

Japan’s population has undergone a sudden post-coronavirus shift. Japan’s population is experiencing a steady decline in its birth rate, and if left unchecked, the number of young people will decrease in the future and the number of elderly people over 65 will increase in society. The number of working people will decrease. This will adversely affect economic growth. The Japanese government is taking various measures to correct this. When this project was introduced in 2019, only 71 people left Tokyo. In 2020, 290 people, and in 2021, 2400 people left and went to the village. The Japanese government plans to accelerate this program and evacuate 10,000 people by 2027.
Declining childbirths:

The japan National population and Social Security Research Institute conducted a study in 2017 and published a report. It said that in the year 20230, the birth of children in japan will go below 8 lakhs. But, in 2022, the number of children born within 9 months has decreased. The birthrate is declining faster than expected. Young married couples are not interested in having children and stop with one child even if they do. Young couples migrate to metro cities like tokyo and Osaka after marriage.
Economic freeze:

As a result, in small towns, villages, and suburbs, the economy has come to a standstill as there are no people to buy and sell goods in shops.
According to a study conducted in japan, the number of vacant houses in japan will increase to one crore by 2023, and property values will skyrocket. Subsequently, the Japanese government has started the process of moving parents with children from tokyo to the suburbs and villages. Apart from that, the parents who leave with the child are also given a gift of 10 lakhs for each child. But the departing parent must have resided in tokyo for at least 5 years. The cost of this has been shared by the Japanese government and the local government. parents moving to rural or suburban areas must have received government funding and stayed for at least 5 years. There has to be some business or work or going to work. But if he comes back to tokyo before 5 years, he will have to return the 10 lakh yen received to the government.

The local administration has also provided many benefits to parents coming to villages and suburbs. They have announced that there is no charge for child care, tax concession, or business start-up concession. But the Japanese people are reluctant to part with Toki.


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