This week, podcast host Jim Santos meets Greg Goodmacher, an expat who began his live-overseas adventure over 30 years ago.

Originally from New York and later, San Francisco, Greg caught the expat bug straight out of college, when teaching English, and a stint in the Peace Corps, brought him into contact with the many exotic attractions of Southeast Asia. Korea and Thailand appealed to him to different degrees, and a sojourn working in Abu Dhabi added a little variety to his experiences, but it was eventually Japan which captured his heart.

Learning the local festival calendar, discovering the mountain terrain, and discovering a passion for winter sports kept Greg busy in the early years of his time in Japan. Meeting the woman who would become his wife also helped establish Japan as an essential part of his life. Add to that a deep love of the local cuisine, and an enthusiasm for onsens—the hot bath ritual—and it became clear that for Greg, Japan is where his heart lies.

On the cusp of a move to a new region of Japan—one where he has easy access to winter sports, beaches, and natural hot springs, Greg shares a wealth of detail about living in Japan—from friendly neighbors who will look after your pets while you’re away, to explaining just why the real estate in Japan is so affordable.

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