It’s nice to feel wanted.

We recently found that Osaka was considered one of the most livable cities in the world, but it’s fair to say that most places in Japan are pretty swell places to live for many of the same reasons as Osaka.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Japan has also been named the second-most popular country to relocate to according to analysis by Australian financial website Compare the Market. This was done by checking the annual search volume of terms like “house in” or “moving to” and each of 182 countries’ names.

▼ Who wouldn’t want to live like this?

Among them all, Canada came out as the clear winner having been the most investigated country to move to in 50 countries worldwide. It seemed especially popular among many African countries as well as China and India. Although a somewhat distant second, Japan still put in a very strong showing by topping searches in 31 countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Germany, South Korea, and even the number one county Canada.

Here’s the top ten, and the numbers next to the names indicate in how many countries they were the most searched place to move to:

1 – Canada (50)
2 – Japan (31)
3 – Spain (19)
4 – China (15)
5 – France (11)
6 – TIE: Turkey & South Africa (9)
8 – India (7)
9 – Australia (6)
10 – TIE: Greece & Fiji (4)

Many people in Japan were surprised by the results according to the online comments, but many suspect it’s because Japan is such a cheap place to live in today’s inflationary world.

“We don’t understand English, there isn’t much arable land, and frequent earthquakes. If we’re number two I wonder what is happening in other countries.”
“Canada is pretty strong.”
“The Japanese yen is weak and it’s relatively easy to buy real estate from overseas here. I wonder how much is just investors rather than people really moving here.”
“It’s a pretty stable country and cost of living is low. Our culture is good too, if you can get into it.”
“I wonder how far we’ll drop in light of recent events.”
“Too bad Japan isn’t letting so many people in.”
“Canada, please take me in. I promise I will watch hockey.”

Compare the Market accredited the popularity of Japan to its high life expectancy and potential for employment in industries such as automobiles and robotics. I tend to think it’s because Japan is the only country bold enough to admit that corn goes pretty well on pizza, but we may never really know the true reason.

Source: Compare the Market, Yurukuyaru, My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
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