On February 8th, we at Nippon Tradings International printed our once-a-year summary and projections for the Japan Authentic Estate Market in 2021 to 2022.  

Beneath are some excerpts from the report with the backlink to the report at the bottom of this report.

When Crises Will become the Norm

Many work and life style trends that may possibly have been deemed short-term, are now remaining cemented as regimen. Japan’s landscape is no distinctive in this regard– whilst, identical to several of its Asia-Pacific neighbours, the results here differ, both of those in character and in intensity, in comparison to the Western world.

Having said that, the reality that Japan, as opposed to quite a few of its neighbours, has been considerably slower in re-opening its borders…has place a damper on the country’s financial potential clients.  Incredibly these lacklustre economic prospective clients have finished tiny, if just about anything, to house price ranges in most sector segments.

“Flight to Safety” Mentality Retains & Intensifies

As is constantly the case, the notion of Japan as a harmless haven in times of crisis has held company in 2021, and, if something, has been even more amplified.  

This mentality has led to a gamut of big world entities investing or declaring their intention to devote in Japan, and additional particularly in Tokyo, through active buys, expansions of existing portfolios, and the location up of significant resources targeting Japanese home all through 2021 and, to date, in the initial month of 2022 as very well.

CBD Aim Bit by bit Declines, Hub-and-Spoke Product Slowly and gradually Expands

Whilst transaction volumes in Tokyo (-8%) and Nagoya (+8%) stay fairly steady, Osaka (-29%) & Yokohama (-33%) volumes have dropped noticeably, according to PWC/ULI, and outstanding gains in quantity have been recorded in Chiba (+34%) and Saitama (+68%!!!).

With the at any time-growing require for a larger sized residential footprint, to accommodate household offices and far additional time put in at house by all family users, the capacity to rent or order a more substantial house with a lesser expenditure out of central metropolitan city wards is rapid starting to be a truth which buyers and developers are nicely aware of. 

Populace developments also reflect this reality, with central Tokyo resident quantities reducing by somewhere around 1%, and the greatest quantities of departing citizens currently being in the -49 age group.

Prices Hold Agency

House values have held firm.  Central Tokyo values have, in truth, continued to improve, to the place that new household condos are now forecast to best their pre-1990s bubble peak.

The rationale for this is thought to lie firmly in the preference to emphasis on secure and trustworthy cash flow, as opposed to the pattern in earlier years, to prioritise higher yields each time feasible.

This also clarifies the continued reputation of residential belongings, which have risen to 36% of whole investments from 20% in 2020. Above 60% of this total comes from overseas buyers.

Hospitality – a Supply of Opportunistic Offer-Creating

The inns sector has, in all probability, been the most difficult-hit across the complete location – in Japan specially, the massive inflow in inbound international tourism pre-pandemic has led to a lodge building growth that could not have took place at a worst time.

Traders, nevertheless, continue being really bullish on hospitality property prospective customers, with optimism regarding the reopening of borders functioning high, and with motels being the largest supply of distressed offer possibility, in a market place or else largely shielded from foreclosures.

Even further Looking through

Japan’s True Estate Property Market in 2021-2022 – Yearly Summary & Projections (Nippon Investing Worldwide February, 2022)


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