In recent years, luxury automotive brands have branched out into new industries like the food business, retail, apparel, and even real estate. More and more, we see how traditional car brands, like Ferrari, have become profitable lifestyle brands. Ferrari sells almost as much merchandise as vehicles, according to Beloved Brands. Each year, sales of branded goods range from $1.5 billion to $2 billion. That constitutes a sizable portion of Ferrari’s $4–$5 billion in annual revenue. But Ferrari is also selling experiences through the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Additionally, it operates its own high-end eatery, Ristorante Cavallino. Meanwhile, Porsche has inaugurated the first-ever luxury apartment building in Miami, the Porsche Design Tower.

Aston Martin, the legendary brand behind spectacular cars like the DB5, V12 Vanquish, DB4 GT and One-77, has also branched out and experimented with real estate. The automaker will soon inaugurate the 66-story luxury condo building Aston Martin Residences in Miami and another luxury building in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo. Aston Martin designed another “rural estate” dubbed Sylvan Rock in Hudson Valley. Inaugurated in 2020 the project is being developed in partnership with S3 Architecture. That same year, the British luxury automaker announced that it intends to build five high-end homes on the 59th and 60th floors at 130 William in New York City. Naturally, the residences come with bespoke DBX SUVs.

Naturally, Aston Martin’s No. 001 Minami Aoyama in Tokyo also comes with an automotive gallery where owners can showcase their hypercars. But there are other features that make this residence a truly impressive real estate investment, so, here’s everything you need to know about Aston Martin’s new project in Tokyo.

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This Is What The Aston Martin Tokyo Building Offers

Aston Martin home in Tokyo
Via Aston Martin

When it came to creating the No. 001 Minami Aoyama, Aston Martin didn’t skimp on costs and used only the most exquisite materials and technologies to bring its grandiose vision to life. In addition to the location being in one of Japan’s most sought-after zip codes, the ultra-luxurious home exceeds expectations thanks to best-in-class design and craftsmanship. For this project, Aston Martin collaborated with the Japanese real estate company Vibroa, and the two of them made clear decisions while emphasizing elegance and workmanship.

The four-story building comes with a rooftop terrace, an automotive gallery, a wine cellar, home cinema, gym and various other luxury features. Aston Martin chose glass panes because, apparently, people who spend millions of dollars on a magnificent mansion with an even more stunning automotive gallery want to see their cars, not have them hidden in a garage. And for this project, Aston Martin acted as interior designer and concentrated on developing and furnishing the inside space, while the local designer was responsible for the exterior. The exterior of the building is just as exclusive as the interior, with an interesting design for the windows and big windows that drop from the ceiling to the floor. Even the rooftops have been considered, with a small area of grass.

The property is still under construction until 2023, but those who are lucky enough to visit this stunning property next year will love the Zen minimalist interior, which works perfectly with the peaceful, calm Japanese culture.

“The influence of Tokyo culture, with its amazing history and style, holds an important creative space within our design studio. I see fashion, architectural, and even culinary references being considered by our team when developing their work, so its presence can really be felt within our practice. We thought we would return the favour through our first ultra-luxury collaboration in Asia with VIBROA by tailoring our Aston Martin real estate design principles specifically to the No. 001 Minami property,” said Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and CCO of Aston Martin.

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Porsche Design Tower, Miami
Via Bloomberg

The Porsche Design Tower near Miami has one of the most exciting innovations that will surely delight gearheads – “a sky garage,” which is simply a posh term for an auto elevator. Basically, residents can drive their Porsche all the way to their apartment, where they park it in an in-unit garage. According to Bloomberg, ground-level garage spots are also available because many of the inhabitants own multiple hypercars and sports cars.

“A key feature of the Porsche Design Tower is each unit’s robotic parking carousel. Residents drive into the cylinder, where a turntable spins the car toward the elevator doors. With the car in position, the doors open and a skid slides underneath, locks around the wheels, and pulls the vehicle into the elevator—much like a drive-through car wash. Engineers are on hand at all times in case of hiccups,” says Bloomberg.

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