After falling in love with the snow, most of us dream of spending a significant amount of time in the mountains. Sometimes we can scratch that itch with an epic holiday, sometimes we can spend a season or two working in an amazing resort and perhaps we even live the dream and end up buying a property in the mountains one day. The team at Uchi have collected the best resort properties from around Japan if you fall into that last category, but this month they are introducing something a little different.

Not all of us can afford to buy a home in Japan’s best ski resorts, but maybe we can afford to live there if we run our own business… and how about if we combine both into one amazing life-changing event?

“When I first put my board to the amazing powder snow in the mountains of Japan I swore to myself that one day I’d live there and run a B&B!” – so says Chris Pickering, founder and CEO of Uchi. It didn’t quite work out that way, although he is now running his own business from his mountain home in Hokkaido.

“Whenever I see a lodge or small hotel being uploaded to Uchi I feel a tinge of excitement,” says Chris.

“In a different life I would be packing my bags and quitting that dreary and depressing city job and moving to the wide-open nature of Japan’s mountain regions. Aside from the snow and incredible beauty, these resorts are populated by amazing people and communities. Usually you are welcomed with open arms, whether Japanese or foreigner. You can get the best of Japan and international cultures rolled into one.”

So this month Chris has pulled seven unique opportunities from Japan’s best ski resorts that are available for any budding entrepreneur to take over!

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Hakuba Powder Lodge

Location: Hakuba, Nagano
Price: 99m JPY / $760k USD

Hakuba Powder Lodge

Hakuba Powder Lodge. View more images

This lodge is located in the heart of Hakuba Village on a large expanse of land. Situated between Happo-One and Hakuba 47 resorts it is a popular lodge with a strong business record.


Annupuri Route 66 Lodge

Location: Niseko-Annupuri, Hokkaido
Price: 118m JPY / $900k USD

Annupuri Route 66 Lodge

Annupuri Route 66 Lodge. View more images

This large lodge is in excellent condition and is a short drive from both Niseko-Annupuri and Moiwa resorts and sits amongst some of the best natural hot springs in the Niseko area.


Bamboo Lodge

Location: Niseko-Hirafu, Hokkaido
Price: 180m JPY / $1.38m USD

Bamboo Lodge

Bamboo Lodge. View more images

This 8 bedroom lodge is located in middle Hirafu village with excellent access to the ski hill and the wide array of restaurants that make Hirafu one of the most popular ski destinations in the world.


Madarao Lodge

Location: Madarao, Nagano
Price: 65m JPY / $500k USD

Madarao Lodge

Madarao Lodge. View more images

This lodge is ski-in ski-out and can accommodate up to 29 guests in the mix of Japanese and Western style rooms. Did we mention it’s right on the ski slopes?!


East Mountain Chalets

Location: Niseko Village, Hokkaido
Price: 240m JPY / $1.84m USD

East Mountain Chalets Niseko Village

East Mountain Chalets Niseko Village. View more images

Made up of 3 separate houses, these chalets afford owners the chance to live on site but physically separate from their guests who get privacy while enjoying the world-famous Niseko powder snow… all the while knowing their hosts are on site.



Location: Makkari, Hokkaido
Price: 100m JPY / $770k USD

FUCCA Cafe - Makkari

FUCCA Cafe – Makkari. View more images

A cafe, shop, BBQ restaurant, home, farm and rental accommodation make up this most unique of investment opportunities – everything included except the farm animals!


Yoteimaru Sushi Restaurant

Location: Kutchan, Hokkaido
Price: 170m JPY / $1.3m USD

Kutchan Yoteimaru Restaurant

Kutchan Yoteimaru Restaurant. View more images

Kutchan’s only sushi train restaurant, Yoteimaru has been a staple for locals and international tourists alike for many years and this represents a rare chance to pick up a popular and profitable local business in the support town for the Niseko United resort.

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