• Many cities around the world are offering houses for $1 or less as a way to revitalize their economy and attract new residents. Some even offer incentives like monthly allowances or renovation grants.
  • Popular travel destinations like Tokyo, Toronto, and Monti Sciaga in Switzerland have homes available for $1, but they may require some manual labor and cleaning before moving in.
  • Italy is a hotspot for cheap homes, with towns like Bivona and Ollolai participating in the one euro house program. However, buyers need to be prepared for potential renovation work.

The best things in life are free and so is anybody’s next dream home.

The primary way to buy a house is via real estate auctions. Homes that are in foreclosure are seized by the bank or local government and put up for sale. Since many such homes are in areas with little economic activity, the houses are sold on auction, meaning that if a buyer is lucky and there are no competing buyers, they may very well purchase the property for $1.

Apart from auctions, many governments give away houses for cheap in order to revitalize the economy, with some even paying families a monthly allowance. To find places that offer such schemes, look out for cities that were rapidly deindustrialized, and areas with low birth rates. In this list, almost all the listings meet one of these criteria.

So join us today, as we count down the current 20 travel destinations where you can get $1 homes for sale!


Places Where You Can Buy A Home For $1.

Buying a home is one of the most capital-intensive ventures in a person’s, but apparently not in these destinations. This fresh list includes two more places where one can buy a house for one dollar!

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Mystical Land Of Tokyo, Japan

People walking in Tokyo Japan
Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

People walking amid the illuminated streets of Tokyo Japan

In the Greater Tokyo Area, there exists a handful of beautiful homes for a dollar or less. Those lucky enough to land the deal can also score a property smack dab in the middle of Tokyo according to ReThinkTokyo. Keep in mind that these houses require a little bit of cleaning the first time, so any interested parties should prepare to get their hands dirty, which is a fair deal.

Or Even The Japanese Countryside

Wazuka, Japan

Tea plantation in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan

According to CNBC, plenty of vacant homes in the Japanese countryside have been auctioned in the market for less than a dollar or even for free. In an effort to breathe life into Japan’s swiftly aging population as demand for a total innovative makeover increases. Grab the opportunity to live in the beautiful, laid-back towns of Shimane and Miyagi Prefecture now.

The Best City In The World: Toronto, Canada

Toronto in lights, Toronto Canada
Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash

Toronto in lights, Toronto Canada

Toronto is where it all happens. it is a melting pot and who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? A couple of months ago, a three-bedroom house was listed on the market for $1. This is an increasingly common marketing trend, where real estate agents are starting auctions at $1 to get the ball rolling. For the lucky ones, there’s a chance of snagging a beautiful home for a mere pittance. Additionally, there are several listings on, including a one-dollar family home, that is up for sale. A little work is needed though, as the cheaper houses need some serious maintenance.

Serene Towns Of Monti Sciaga, Switzerland

Lago Maggiore, Cannobio, near the border of Italy and Switzerland

Lago Maggiore, Cannobio, near the border of Italy and Switzerland

See how far a dollar goes. A little Swiss town near Lake Maggiore, known for its breathtaking views, is giving out houses for less than a Euro to boost tourism in the region and to revitalize the community, according to Insider. Enjoy the laid-back Swiss way of life (and the Alps). What a perfect place to retire.

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Rustic Villages Of Bivona, Sicily

Cathedral (duomo) of Turin (Torino) , Italy

Cathedral (duomo) of Turin (Torino) , Italy

Italy is the heart of Europe. Its Renaissance aesthetic and warm residents will surely make everyone around the world feel at home when touring the country. Take the Sicilian countryside for example. A number of homes are up for sale for a Euro in the sleepy but beautiful town of Bivona, from CNN’s report.

This is part of the one euro house program in Italy, which is an effort to repopulate the rural areas and add some dynamism to the economy. Here is a list of participating cities.

Near Downtown Detroit, USA

Downton Detroit
Photo by Doug Zuba on Unsplash

Downtown city buildings with plume of steam, Detroit, MI. 

The world-famous downtown of Detroit is now at a stone’s throw thanks to some kind citizens, according to The recession hurt Detroit badly, with some owners going as low as a buck just to flee. It’s not as bad as long as interested buyers have a sustainable income and there are over 70,000 potential 1-dollar homes to choose from.

Across the US, there is an official dollar home program fronted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), where local governments will sell houses that are worth less than $25,000 if they are not bought within six months of being on the market. By conducting due diligence and playing their cards right, real estate investors might just snag an entire house for one dollar.

Old-fashioned: Locana, Italy

White statue in foreground with city
Photo by Fabio Fistarol on Unsplash

A panorama of the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

Another sleepy town in Italy is giving out homes for a Euro to boost tourism in the area according to CNN. Declining to just 1,500 residents, the community hasn’t been improving with 1 birth for every 40 deaths. The good news is that those who end up qualifying will be paid over $9000.

Charming City Life: Buffalo, New York

Buffalo City aerial view

Buffalo City aerial view from the top of the City Hall in downtown Buffalo, New York, USA.

Buy a one-dollar home by participating in Buffalo’s Urban Homestead Program, which allows anyone to move in right away on the premise of rebuilding it and living in it for more than a few years. Furthermore, enjoy the historical landmarks such as the Erie Canal and the Colored Musicians Club.

Sambuca, Italy Countryside

A view of the village of Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy

A view of the village of Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy

Imagine living the European Dream in these villas without spending a dime and not worrying about finances forever. Keep in mind that potential homeowners should choose these homes carefully because some of them might need serious fixing according to a CNN report.

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Down Under: Cumnock, Australia

Animals on Bikes along the Banjo Paterson Way

Cumnock, NSW, Australia: Animals on Bikes along the Banjo Paterson Way in western New South Wales, Australia.

This sleepy but beautiful town in NSW, Australia, with only less than 300 residents, is attempting to be rebuilt, so anyone interested can jump in and acquire a home for only a dollar a week, according to Straits Times. The only downside is that some stores and schools are slowly closing.

Peaceful Missouri, USA

St. Louis downtown

St. Louis downtown with Gateway Arch at twilight

House hunters can own a dream home in St. Louis for a buck, courtesy of the government’s dollar home program. St. Louis also has the best nightlife in the USA with a few clubs in the city outside the friendly neighborhood.

Rural Living In Ollolai, Italy

People at a typical Sardinian called

Ollolai, Italy: People at a typical Sardinian called “Autunno in Barbagia” 

With all the Italian towns on this list, it feels that anyone can conquer Italy for just less than 20 bucks. According to a CNN report, there is a gorgeous home supposedly worth a hundred thousand euros, although the owners have put it up for just one euro because they want to get rid of it.

Multicultural: Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England

The $1 Liverpool homes in the Webster Triangle Area are still available for purchase so now’s a chance to own a property in UK’s most beautiful city. Since 2018, over 20 $1 homes were put up for sale and 12 more are planned to be. See the amazing transformations, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Historical Gary Indiana, USA

Gorgeous Gary's Union Station, Indiana

Gorgeous Gary’s Union Station, Indiana

Here’s the deal: owning a home in Gary for a buck is as easy as 1,2,3 with all the right paperwork, but the government expects buyers to renovate it in one year according to Business Insider. Challenge Accepted. Gary is a very laid-back city and a perfect place to start a family.

Quiet Town Of Cammarata, Sicily

City of Cammarata in Central Sicily.

CAMMARATA, ITALY: City of Cammarata in Central Sicily. Mediterranean Medieval City, built in the mountain of Cammarata

Another town in the jewel of Europe is offering people a chance to stay for just one Euro, from a report by CNN. Italians seem to be the most generous people because more foreigners take up these sweet deals, and they are happy to give these homes up.

By The Sea: Antikythera, Greece

Potamos village in Antikythera island

Little port with colorful fishing boats and turquoise sea waters in Potamos village in Antikythera island in Greece

According to the Irish Times, an island in Greece is giving out homes for free, and they will even give the recipients a certain amount ($20000) of money for the task. But what’s the catch? It’s a remote island currently inhabited by scientists and researchers and about 4 families. Since then, more people have been waiting to get sponsored. Stop waiting already, get in line!

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Middle Of Nowhere: Ponga Village, Spain

Ambingue village, Ponga Nature Park

Ambingue village, Ponga Nature Park, located in the central-eastern sector of the Cantabrian Mountains, within the borough of Ponga. Asturias, Spain

Only in Spain can one own a village for nothing in return. It comes with houses too in Asturias, according to The government says that the town is suffering from “de-population” and they want to combat this by bringing in new residents, so this is an excellent chance to play a little Sim City IRL.

For Art Lovers: Roubaix, France


“Parc barbieux”, public park in Roubaix (North of France)

Roubaix may be one of the poorest cities in France, but it’s also one of the richest in terms of cultural heritage. It’s hard to think of it as being poor (with its museums and boutique cafes and restaurants). Owning a 1-dollar house is as easy as apple pie, but there’s a catch. Buyers will have to bring their whole family in and live in the property for more than six years, according to TheLocal.

Simply Beautiful: Chicago, USA

Chicago downtown cityscape and Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago downtown cityscape featuring skyscrapers and Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago is not only selling homes for a dollar but also big residential land comes with it, which is adequate space for living and starting and growing a business through the large lot program, according to the Chicago Tribune. Today, there are hundreds of unclaimed houses ready for anyone to claim. Note that there is a lengthy application and waitlist process to get through first.

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Laid-back Legrad: Croatia

Village of Legrad church

Village of Legrad church and green landscape aerial view, Podravina region of Croatia

A shrinking Croatian municipality, Legrad, is issuing out homes for only one kuna, which is a far cry from a dollar. The once-bustling urban center has a dwindling population problem stemming from the exodus of residents searching for greener job pastures and a better lifestyle outside. In a bid to repopulate the town, authorities are trying to lure in new residents with unheard-of deals on the abandoned homes, which will, however, require some refurbishing.


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