It’s only a couple of weeks until the snow will begin to fall on the high peaks of Hokkaido and less than 3 months before Japan’s top ski resorts will be blanketed again in that beautiful white powder snow! Our friends at Uchi have hundreds of ski properties listed on their lightning-fast multi-agent listing site, ranging from $20,000 USD all the way up to “if you need to ask, you can’t afford it”!

This year, the team have been working hard to add more properties from outside the super-popular Niseko area and now have a dedicated resort page where you can learn about the top ski destinations and then search directly for listings there. The filters on the main search page allow you to drill down into the resort, price-range and property-type that ticks all your boxes!

Today, Uchi have picked 8 resorts from outside the Niseko area for you to peek at – but don’t forget to head to at anytime to perform your own search! And if you want your Niseko kicks, just click here!

Nozawa Onsen

It is notoriously difficult to find property in this year-round onsen resort, but we now have three online! Of particular interest is this lodge and house which is ready for refurbishment and repositioning to attract the next wave of guests or investors into the resort. If you’re look for a turnkey option then you really have to see the Kawamotoya Penthouse. Nozawa Onsen benefits from being less than 2 hours from the centre of Tokyo and the domestic market keeps it busy all year.

Kawamotoya Penthouse

Kawamotoya Penthouse. View more images

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Another year-round resort, Furano has fantastic visitation numbers in summer for the famous flowers and hiking and of course in winter for the snow! There is a real range of investment options from a refurb-ready home at only $60,000 USD to some of the most prime land in the new Intuition Furano development.

Furano, Japan

Furano, Japan. View all listings

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Back in the mainland, Hakuba Valley is made up of 11 resorts and has some of the most dramatic alpine scenery in Japan. You have to check out this true ski-in ski-out hotel for under $2m USD or your own chalet in the popular Echoland area for only $220,000 USD.

Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba, Japan. View all listings

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Myoko Kogen

Myoko has really gained traction in recent years and we currently have 10 listings for sale on Uchi. The turnkey Soto Myoko lodge and house is a must-view or you can go for some great landbanking options from under $100,000 USD.

SOTO Myoko - Lodge & House

SOTO Myoko – Lodge & House. View more images

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Consistently winning Japan’s top ski resort in the World Ski Awards, Rusutsu is only 30 minutes from Niseko but seems to have miles of empty ski runs to enjoy. You really can’t look at Rusutsu without checking out The Vale Rusutsu – the only ski-in ski-out option and with prices starting at under $500,000 USD it’s a significantly cheaper investment than Niseko. But there are also plenty of land sites and smaller homes coming onto the market now.

The Vale Rusutsu - one of Japan's best ski-in ski-out properties

The Vale Rusutsu. View more images

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Less than 1 hour from Tokyo on the bullet train, this resort is extremely popular for the cool air and seriously impressive ranges of amenities: shopping, cafes, golf and of course skiing. Hosting holiday homes from some of the rich and famous, properties here do not stay on the market for long. Check out the stunning OPUS Villa.

OPUS Villa - Karuizawa

OPUS Villa – Karuizawa. View more images

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Heading back up to the Japanese Alps, but still less than 2 hours from Tokyo, this resort has just been purchased by a Singaporean fund so we are all excited to see what investment comes next. There are a few properties listed, but we love Kuma Lodge as a well-maintained option for investment.

Kuma Lodge

Kuma Lodge. View more images

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Lake Toya

Land and properties surrounding this simply stunning volcanic lake have been trading like crazy in the past few years, with many locals getting involved as this seems to be Hokkaido’s next big thing. Within a 20 minute drive of Rusutsu resort, boasting breathtaking views and also convenient access to Sapporo’s international airport, the only way is up for this resort. We love this beautiful land plot at only $60,000 USD.

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